Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package

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Quroc Yukon 14' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board

(14' x 28″ x 6″)

The Ultimate go-to choice for paddle board expeditions and SUP adventures!

Nothing tests an inflatable paddle board better than an unsupported, ultra-endurance paddle boarding challenge. Add in the extreme “last frontier” wilderness, white water rapids and 1000 miles of paddling across the Arctic Circle and you know you have a board engineered for adventure. 

The Quroc Yukon was designed to take on the toughest SUP challenge, the Yukon 1000.

Quroc Yukon 14' Measurements

  • Dimensions: Length 14′, Width 28″, Thickness 6″.
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Volume: 360l
  • Rider Weight: Suitable for riders up to 120kg or 18st (plus 40kg in gear)
  • Recommended Board Pressure: 18-20psi (Max 30psi)

The QurocYukon 14ft Paddle Board is Perfect For:

  • Intermediate to experienced paddlers. 
  • Long-distance paddling, touring and adventure paddling. The board is able to carry a good amount of weight.
  • Paddlers wanting a premium paddle board designed to deliver on performance for many years.


All Quroc inflatable paddle boards are incredibly durable. That’s why we back our boards with a 3 year warranty, plus an extended 3 year warranty covering seam leakage. That’s a 6 year no seam leak warranty which means you can purchase from us stress free with confidence

Building inflatable paddleboards will always have an environmental impact so we strive to minimise this footprint whenever possible by analysing every process and every component – can it be done better, is it essential, does it add value?


Our paddleboards are built to last. Our production partners share our quality vision, and this ensures a marginal defect rate.

We insist on the best materials from quality PVC to 179K ZEBEC glue with 10 year+ adhesion.

Strict quality controls ensure every single board is checked, including a 72 hour inflation test at 29psi for any loss in pressure. 

We analyse, evaluate, and test every component. Does any potential feature affect the longevity of the board. Does it really add value? Does it increase the risk of product failure?

Free Next Working Day Delivery if ordered by 12 o'clock (midday) Monday to Friday - weekend orders will be despatched on Monday.

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Martin Rendle, Guest Designer

Quroc Yukon 14' Design Notes

I’ve been involved with SUP Ultra events for many years but in 2023 I took on my biggest challenge and the ultimate paddle board endurance event -  paddling 1000 miles along the Yukon. An unsupported 10 day paddle including a mix of rapids and flats which stretches across Canada and Alaska, including crossing the Arctic Circle.

A two man team “Renegade Moose Chasers” was formed with Kim Foster and we started the search for a fast but stable paddle board capable of standing up to all that the Yukon would throw at us. However, there was nothing on the market which combined the perfect balance of speed and stability for such a long event. Quroc have a well earned reputation for producing well made, well designed touring boards so we contacted them for advice. Quroc were excited to get involved and a design process began to produce a board for the challenge. 

Working closely with the designers at Quroc, we decided on a 14’ board which was shaped to provide the stability to carry 10 days worth of kit and provisions, whilst giving us the speed required to complete the challenge within the 10 day cut-off. The outline shape provides great stability with the width carried through to the forward bungees, before tapering off to a nicely refined nose. At 28” wide, but with side foot braces, it’s fast but reassuring to paddle. The only other SUP team in the event were on a 17’ 3” x 26” board but we wanted a different set-up and interestingly our GPS tracked on water MPH was actually faster than the longer board.

In addition to the shape of the board, we have incorporated flexible bungee storage with hooked clips on each elasticated band. This means you can lift each section independently, allowing quick and easy access to gear. The bungee arrangement can also be tailored to each trip.

The innovative fin arrangement allows for a traditional 9” centre touring fin set-up or two 7” side fins. The side fin set-up allows you to rest the board on its fins when pulled out of the water, which is great when you know you’ll need a break but don’t want the hassle of unloading the board every time.

We also have the usual useful handle set-up you would expect from Quroc but we have added a shoulder strap for ease of carrying.

I couldn’t be happier with the Quroc Yukon 14’. We have created a board which is equally at home in the extreme environment of the Yukon or the gently meandering Wye Valley. It’s an extremely flexible bit of kit - fast but stable and easy to control.

What's in the Box

Full Carbon Paddle

The excellent 3pcs Puravida 100% Carbon SUP Paddle

The Puravida K3 Carbon Paddle is a lightweight 3 piece performance paddle which dramatically improves paddling efficiency from beginner to expert paddler.

Large Dry Bag Paddle Board Bag

The Quroc Dry Bag Backpack is a handy lightweight alternative the the wheeled backpack. It is big enough to carry your board and kit to the water and then keep your clothes and personal belongings safe and dry while paddling.


Our robust ergonomically designed backpack ensures you can take your paddle board to all corners of the World. Made from recycled plastic bottles.


The HP is the lightest and most efficient pump to come from the market leading GRi production line. It combines convenient weight and size with pump efficiency. It inflates with approximately 20-30% less pump cycles compared to standard package pumps, easily taking your paddle board to 18-20psi.


Our performance coiled leash keeps the leash out of the water, reducing drag whilst the double swivel design prevents leash tangle.

Quroc Quick Release SUP Safety Belt

A velcro quick release waist SUP safety belt is the preferred option when paddling on moving water (river or tidal flow). It ensures easy release if you need to quickly and easily separate yourself from your board. It can also be used for general paddling to keep your leash away from your feet – useful if you are carrying items in your rear bungee storage.


The “go to” option for all premium SUP packages, FCS are the World’d leading surf and SUP fin manufacturer. The FCS Tour Series provides excellent tracking and efficiency through the water.

Additional Fin Options

Our 4.6’ Flexi SUP River Fin is the perfect shallow water solution

The fin is ideal for those planning to be paddling in shallow waters. The flexi element of the fin means you don’t have to worry about hitting rocks and damaging your fin boxes and board. The fin is specifically designed to flex and be used in shallow water conditions.

Two additional 7" side fins allow you to swap out the centre fin with a fin set-up which can support the board when out of the water. Great for resting off the water when carrying gear.

Innovative Design Features

Removable Cargo Bungees

Forward and rear bungees straps are removable and flexible, allowing easy access to your gear whilst maintaining an evenly balanced paddle.


We use the very best Halkey Roberts valves. Rated to 45PSI, these valves are the best available

Velcro Water Bottle Holders

Removable Velcro Bottle, Flip Flop or Paddle holders can be attached to handles or bungee cords on your paddle board. A handy addition to any paddle board, they can even hold your paddle.

LARGE MULTI-TEXTURED DECK PAD with side foot braces

A large multi-textured deck pad is heat sealed to shed water and provides plenty of cushion to reduce fatigue and anti-slip traction.

The additional foot braces give the feel of a wider board when paddling in rough conditions.

GoPro & Ram Mount

Convenient mount for fitting GoPro cameras or any 1/4-20 size mount accessories.

Innovative Fin Set-UP

A central Air7 Split US Fin Box is the best available fin box. This takes a central 9" FCS Touring Fin for general paddling.

The additional side fin boxes allow 7" side fins to be fitted. This means you can rest the board on its fins when out of the water, without removing all your gear.

Nose Runner

The addition of a nose runner helps keep your board paddling straight, especially in cross winds.



Our Puravida Pure Carbon SUP Paddle provides a highly efficient paddling experience and is included with all our paddle boards. It’s perfect for a smooth, less aggressive and medium cadence paddle stroke. The smaller high aspect blade size also helps the paddler keep form through periods of fatigue and maintain the most efficient paddle stroke.


  • Blade Width:    6.5″ / 16.8 cm
  • Blade Area:     90 sq. in. / 580 cm²


The lower blade paddle section locks in using an internal hexagonal fitting. This removes the need for a second shaft clamp which often impedes your lower grip and replicates a single shaft paddle.


A flattened “D” shaped fitting to ensure Zero handle twist

The latest developments in paddle locking systems provides the 3pcs Puravida K3 Carbon SUP Paddle with the feel and performance of a 1pcs paddle.


Robust Paddle Carry Bag to ensure your paddle is protected between use.

Engineered for Adventure


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Simon Vogt, SUP Skills UK
Quroc Yukon

Stable, stiff and tracks beautifully using the single touring fin, but switch to just the outer 2 fins and it transforms to having the manoeuverability of a much shorter board whilst still tracking reasonably well and having the speed and deck space of a 14ft. More bungees than you can shake a stick at and a new, more hard wearing deck. I also have the Crossover 10'6, Allwater 12'6, and Allwater 13, and the Yukon runs a very close second to my original Allwater 13. There's really not that much in it for me, although the some of the updates appear to have made it to an updated Allwater 13, which should keep it where it's always been, at the top. If you want a board that's brilliant at almost everything then I'd strongly recommend the Allwater 13, but if you want more speed and greater load capability then the Yukon is absolutely the board for you. 4 other owners of the first batch of Yukons are friends of mine and we've all been raving about them. Now I just need to replace my old faithful, original Allwater 13 with a shiny new one.