Beginner Paddle Boards

Best Beginner Paddle Boards

Here at Quroc, we have a passion for creating innovative and original paddle boards that are the best of their kind. This does however mean spending money on some of the best materials out there to make the boards, resulting in a higher-end price range for our products.

Our Quroc Crossover Rangeis perfect for beginners but we understand that not everyone can spend £700 on a paddle board, especially if you're just starting out and want to test the waters with the activity. We want to open up the sport of paddle boarding to as many people as possible, and feel passionate about creating a lower priced paddle board, which still delivers on quality and experience.

Squid Inc & Quroc

That’s where our collab with Squid Inc came into play. They approached us, asking for help sourcing an affordable entry level board option, making quality boards more accessible at a lower price point. After much consideration, we decided we would help but insisted on overseeing quality control. Since Covid we have seen a lot of cheap paddle boards hit the UK market. These are poorly designed and poorly made boards which often pose a safety risk. It was vital that, if we helped Squid Inc produce a budget friendly board, it had to be well made and fit for purpose.

Quality Control

We came to an agreement that they must use a factory of our choice. This ensures no leaks, no unsightly glue marks, no bubbles, and peeling deck pads. The board must be double layered and stiff. We see too many people struggling to stand up because the boards they are on are bendy. The materials and glues must adhere to industry standards. There would be no gimmicks or false sale prices. A representative from Quroc would oversee the Quality Control at factory level. Keep in mind that you won’t be getting the same quality, performance, and paddle boarding experience as you do with our Quroc boards, but nevertheless, at £349, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the world of paddle boarding.
Currently £199, down from £349

Now Available for just £199

Our friends at Squid Inc SUP are closing down their UK operation as they move to take up a fantastic opportunity in Australia.

This means the Squid Inc Explorer Paddle Board Package is now available for only £199! 

At £359, this was already amazing value for money so this is a fantastic opportunity to grab an extremely well made beginner package.

As mentioned above, Quroc provided assistance to Squid Inc in producing a budget friendly beginner paddle board and our representatives oversee quality control across the whole process. It was massively important that the quality of materials used and production methods were as close to that of a premium board as we could make it at the £359 price point. It’s because of this Quroc is more than happy to honour Squid Inc’s existing and future warranties.

Includes The Full Package

The Squid Inc SUP comes with a full package of accessories to get you on the water.