What to Wear Paddleboarding

What to Wear Paddle Boarding

So, you’ve decided on which paddle board to buy, but have you got great gear?

It can be surprisingly tough to know what to wear paddle boarding throughout the various seasons. Experienced paddle boarders may only sometimes fall in, depending on whether they are surfing, touring, or racing, therefore they should wear the most comfortable and breathable clothes available. Especially as a beginner, your gear needs to be appropriate in case you unexpectedly decide to go swimming so that you can stay warm and safe.

What you will need to wear will change with the seasons.

What to Wear Paddle Boarding in Summer

Long Thin Layers and Sunscreen

Be cautious to use sunscreen and carry layers for longer tours or when paddling through to the cooler evenings because you are more susceptible to sunburn, especially at sea where sunlight reflects up from the water. Additionally, keep in mind that a cool breeze can easily conceal how hot your skin feels when you're paddling, so make sure you're wearing plenty of protection.

A Hat

Always wearing a hat is another must for paddling in warm weather. If you intend to spend the day paddling in the sun, keep your head covered. Getting sunstroke is never nice, especially if you're in the middle of the sea. We suggest looking for a waterproof hat that will last you a longer time if falling in is a problem for you.

Waterproof Clothing

If you are an experienced paddler, all you need are some relaxed shorts and a light base layer. Look for waterproof apparel if you plan to make a few splashes.

What to Wear Paddle Boarding in Autumn and Spring

Layer Up

You might discover that you need to wear a few extra layers when the seasons change. It’s best to pair a hoodie or jacket with a pair of leggings. However, keep in mind that once you begin paddling, your body will begin to warm up considerably, so avoid wearing layers that are too thick.

Waterproof Shoes

Keeping your feet totally dry is an issue that even the most seasoned paddlers won't be able to avoid. Because of this, we advise wearing a pair of waterproof shoes, wetsuit boots, or, if you can handle it, going barefoot.

What to Wear Paddle Boarding in Winter

Thick Leggings

Things might get challenging for the true heroes out there who paddle in the bitter cold. You can get away with a thick complete wetsuit in all forms of surfing, you can't do it with paddle boarding. Anything thicker than 3mm will significantly restrict your shoulder movement, making paddling rather frustrating.

Wearing a thick pair of leggings is advised to prevent this as your legs will be still for most of the time.

Layered Waterproof Fabrics on Top

We advise wearing a technical, water-resistant, or neoprene top as a top layer, followed by a waterproof hoodie or jacket. Don't overdress, because keeping active will help you stay warm in the winter. When you are on your paddleboard, wearing thinner layers makes it easier to control your body temperature.

Beanie, Gloves and Boots

Wear a tight neoprene beanie, a pair of water-resistant gloves, and a pair of thick wetsuit boots to keep yourself warm when the weather is chilly. When paddling in the cold, whether you are a seasoned paddler or brand-new to the sport, always have a waterproof bag with dry clothes on top of your board.

Hopefully, after reading this, you'll have a better understanding of what to wear for paddle boarding throughout the year and feel more at ease on your first paddling adventure!