A carbon paddle will transform your SUP experience

A Carbon Paddle Will Transform Your SUP Experience

Carbon paddles are a popular choice for experienced SUP paddlers who want to enhance their performance and overall SUP experience. All our paddle boards packages are premium quality so it makes sense to include a high quality carbon SUP paddle. Our full carbon 3pcs SUP paddle is also available separately and here are some of the key benefits of using a carbon paddle for SUP.

Lightweight and Strong

Carbon fiber is an incredibly lightweight material, making carbon paddles significantly lighter than traditional aluminum or fiberglass paddles. This reduced weight makes paddling less strenuous, allowing you to conserve energy and enjoy longer SUP sessions.

Efficient Power Transfer

Carbon fiber is also renowned for its stiffness and rigidity. This translates into efficient power transfer from your arms to the paddle blade, propelling you forward with each stroke. The reduced flex in a carbon paddle also minimises energy loss and enhances your overall paddling efficiency.

Improved Speed and Glide

The lightweight and stiff nature of carbon paddles contributes to increased speed and glide. As you paddle, the carbon blade efficiently cuts through the water, reducing drag and allowing you to maintain momentum with minimal effort.

Reduced Fatigue

The combination of lightweight construction and efficient power transfer in carbon paddles significantly reduces fatigue. Your arms and shoulders will experience less strain, allowing you to paddle for longer periods without feeling exhausted.

Enhanced Control and Precision

Carbon paddles offer superior control and precision, making them ideal for experienced SUP paddlers. The stiff blade provides a responsive feel, allowing you to fine-tune your strokes and navigate challenging waters with ease.


Investment in Your SUP Experience

Upgrading to a carbon paddle is an investment in your SUP experience. The benefits of enhanced performance, reduced fatigue, and improved control will elevate your SUP sessions and allow you to explore new dimensions of the sport.

Considerations for Choosing a Carbon Paddle

When selecting a carbon paddle, consider factors such as blade size, shaft length, and personal preferences. Blade size influences paddling efficiency, while shaft length depends on your height and paddling style. 

We recommend a medium flex for most paddlers and a high aspect paddle blade which reduces impact on your shoulders.

Also check your paddle is full carbon. Many carbon SUP paddles are not full carbon, with a mix of carbon shaft and fibre glass blade, or a carbon wrap.


Carbon paddles offer a multitude of benefits for experienced SUP paddlers seeking to enhance their performance and overall SUP experience. The lightweight construction, efficient power transfer, and improved control elevate your paddling capabilities, allowing you to explore the full potential of this exciting sport.