Paddle Boarding For Beginners

Paddle Boarding For Beginners

Never been paddle boarding before and have a million questions before you start? Then you’re in the right place. Here a Quroc, we’re experts in all things paddle boarding, so can provide you with all the information, reassurance and products you’ll need to get going on the water.

We have all the answers to the common questions people have when beginning their paddle boarding journey, such as how to paddle board, what to wear when paddle boarding and what type of board you’ll need.

If you’re still on the fence about whether paddle boarding is worth the hype, we’ve got 3 reasons why we think you’ll fall in love with the sport, just like us.

Three Reasons You’ll Love Stand Up Paddle Boarding

It Builds Your Fitness

In our opinion, the best total-body workout is SUP. To balance and remain upright, you first employ your entire core. Your abdominal muscles will have to work harder to keep you steady the choppier the water is.

You'll perform the paddling action to glide across the water similarly to kayaking or canoeing by using your arms, shoulders, and back. To maintain your posture and produce momentum, you'll also employ your leg muscles in conjunction with your arms.

And that's before we even discuss the (likely) possibility of falling in the water and having to swim and hoist yourself back up on your first few goes!

It Clears Your Head

Paddle boarding is almost exclusively an outdoor activity. Numerous studies have demonstrated how spending time in nature can lower stress levels and even aid fighting depression.

In addition to providing a hard physical workout, as was already mentioned, the sport also causes a surge of feel-good endorphins to be released which have been shown to reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms.

It’s also a great way to get out and create happy memories with friends and family.

It’s a Great Way to Explore the UK’s Sea fronts

Like any other water-based sport, paddle boarding gives you the chance to get up up and personal with places you would not have previously thought of as top travel spots. Once you get the itch, it's likely that you'll be making weekend trips to the closest paddle boarding location.