Quroc Discount Code or Coupon Codes

Quroc Discount Code or Coupon Codes Quroc Discount Code is ranked by Google as one of the highest search engine terms when people search for stand up paddle boards. We were amazed by this, especially as we don’t discount. We therefore thought it necessary to lay down our position regarding sales and discounts.

Value Proposition vs Discount

We don’t do things halfhearted at Quroc – We are committed to providing the best value boards and accessories on the market. We only work with the best manufacturers and suppliers who have consistently delivered high-end products since inflatable paddle boards came to the market over 10 years ago. We also undertake a huge amount of design, research and development work (see our About Us page) to ensure you get the best possible “on water” experience.

Transparency is also a value we hold dear. We simply will not artificially inflate our prices in order to issue a Quroc Discount Code or “Sale” offer to mislead customers as to the true value of the boards.

We can produce cheaper boards, but this is an industry where you definitely get what you pay for. Lower quality PVC, glues, valves, manufacturing techniques, etc are all available but we simply will not compromise on quality so, when you take to the water on a Quroc Paddle Board, you can be assured you have one of the best inflatable paddle boards on the market. This approach to providing the best possible price/quality ratio has been recognised across the industry.

“The Best Quality Package we have ever seen! Very well designed… a Premium Board at a Mid Price Point.”    SUPBoarder Magazine

“Our Indy Best Buy!”    The Independent

“The Very Best, the Quroc Crossover is our Recommended Buy!”    The Telegraph

Quality throughout the whole package

From our boards to all our accessories, we work with the World’s best suppliers. The likes of:

Direct Sales

By buying direct from Quroc you are already saving £200 to £300 when compared to similar premium paddle boards available from traditional retailers.

We don’t use traditional retailers, only selling direct and cutting out the middle-man is the piece of the puzzle that enables us to provide outstanding price-performance ratios.

Our products are sold exclusively online and are delivered directly from the manufacturer to the customer. The wholesale and retail margins associated with a traditional distribution model are not part of the equation anymore. These savings are passed on directly to you, the customer.

Are Paddle Board Sales Genuine?

We also thought it’s worthwhile briefly outlining our thoughts on general paddle board sales as we have many customers who have upgraded to a Quroc board after buying a lower quality board based on a “Sale Price”.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing sport in the World. We simply cannot get enough boards in to satisfy demand and we continually run out of stock throughout the season. This raises the question:

“Why do some paddle board companies have to discount their boards to shift stock?”

This is sometimes due to new entrants simply trying to sell some boards for a quick return. However, mostly it’s the DFS Furniture marketing gimmick of continually having a “Sale Price”. It’s important to note that if a board is marked at £350, down from £699, you are most likely buying a £350 board NOT a £699 board. It may be a decent board for £350 but it should not be confused with the quality you get with a £699 board.

This said, there are some genuine bargains to be had but these are limited to end of season sales from traditional retailers who stock a range of brands and are genuinely looking to move stock prior to new stock arriving in January.