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FCS Touring SUP Fin - Tour Series 9.0 SUP Fin

FCS SUP Series Touring 9″ Fin

Included with all our paddle board packages but available to buy separately


Working in collaboration with FCS Europe, all Quroc Inflatable Paddle Boards feature the FCS SUP Series Touring 9.0 Centre Fin.

The 2021 Quroc paddle boards are designed with performance at their core. A sleeker all round shape, narrower nose and more parallel rail lines deliver extra speed and a more dynamic feel to your paddling, whist still maintaining the ability to catch a wave.  Straight-line speed has been increased as the nose cuts through the water more cleanly and less hand changes are required as the boards hold their line extremely well.

Based on our design brief, FCS Europe have matched their FCS SUP Series Touring 9.0 to the range. The fin ideally complements each board’s dimensions and performance goals by further increasing stability and their ability to hold a straight line, even in larger swell.   The outcome is the perfect balance of speed, stability and manoeuvrability, ideal for exploring caves, gullies and rivers.

FCS SUP Fins are the best in the business. There are plenty of cheap copies but the vital balance between strength and flex cannot be replicated with cheaper materials. The FCS Tour Series 9.0 is perfect for general paddle boarding activities and will improve your paddling performance.