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How to Choose the Best Inflatable Paddle Board

Choosing an inflatable paddle board for sale in the UK can be a minefield of misinformation.  Every week a new paddle board brand pops up, often with amazing marketing claims and unrealistically long warranties. Everyone you speak to has an opinion on the best brands, models, features, and price points that you should be buying.   [...]

Inflatable Paddle Boards are even closer to hard boards

Inflatable Paddle Board options now offering the same quality water experience as hard boards.Paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in the World and Quroc Limited are proud to be leading the development of lighter, stiffer performance orientated paddle boards. As more people take up this wonderful sport, it’s essential that their “on water” experience is […]

Paddle Boarding Near Me

Paddle boarding near me – from pub-to-pub cruises to awesome multi-day adventures, you need to try these SUP outings Nothing beats taking your paddle board out to explore a new route. At Quroc we are all about Good Times and Epic Adventures on the best inflatable paddle boards so here are some great options to […]

Paddle Boarding On My Own

Paddle boarding is a social activity. There is no better way to spend quality time with friends or family than jumping on your boards and heading out on a group paddle. However, we are well aware that some paddlers paddle solo from time to time. We would always recommend paddling with at least one companion […]

Paddle Boarding to Beat Stress

Hopefully, paddle boarding is one of your regular fitness or general outdoor activities. In this post we explore how SUP can boost your mind, body and soul and in the process, limit the impact of day-to-day stresses on your life. Work, finances, family and all sorts of relationships can leave us feeling a bit stressed. […]

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