Full Carbon SUP Paddles

Full Carbon SUP Paddles packaged with all our 2022 inflatable paddle boards are the Puravida K3 3pcs for the most efficient paddling performance.

CARBON SHAFT / CARBON BLADE / CARBON HANDLE. The ultimate blend of strength, weight and flex…
…because getting the right paddle is as important as choosing the right paddle board!

The Puravida Pure Carbon SUP Paddle provides a highly efficient paddling experience and is included with all our paddle board packages. It’s perfect for a smooth, less aggressive and medium cadence paddle stroke. The small blade size also helps the paddler keep form through periods of fatigue and maintain the most efficient paddle stroke.

Blade Width:    6.61″ / 16.8 cm 

Blade Area:       84 sq. in. / 580 cm²

Length:              175 – 220 cm

Weight:              680g

Carbon SUP Paddles

Puravida Full Carbon 3pcs Paddle

Included with all our paddle board packages but available to buy separately


Small/Medium Dihedral Performance Carbon Paddle Blade

Premium, Efficient Stroke Performance

The carbon SUP paddle features a rounded dihedral blade shaping which increases the power of the paddle. This has enabled us to retain a smaller blade which provides the most efficient performance through the Catch, Power and Exit phases of the paddle stroke. A great carbon SUP paddle for touring and all round paddling.

The new rounded tip of the blade has a small area hitting the water during the entry. The result is a smooth penetration in the water thus reducing the impact on your body, especially on the shoulders. Reducing the stress on the body allows one to paddle longer and more often with less recovery time.

The Puravida K3 has a narrow profile allowing you to pull the blade very close to the rail of the board. This helps with creating a really nice line and ensuring the power phase of your paddle stroke is at maximum efficiency, focusing your energy in a straight line paddle.

The dihedral shaping on the power face provides greater control and dramatically reduces any wobble or flutter in your paddle stroke, increasing the water flow speed. This shaping, combined with the 10° blade angle, ensures the most efficient power phase to your paddle stroke.

Anti-twist handle locking system

A flattened “D” shaped fitting to ensure Zero handle twist

The latest developments in paddle locking systems provides the 3pcs Puravida K3 Carbon SUP Paddle with the feel and performance of a 1pcs paddle.