Lower cost Entry Level paddle boards we recommend

Over the last 10 years Quroc has gained a reputation for designing and creating great value premium paddle boards. Perfect for beginners through to expert paddlers.

This approach to providing the best possible price/quality ratio has been recognised across the industry.

“The Best Quality Package we have ever seen! Very well designed… a Premium Board at a Mid Price Point.”    SUPBoarder Magazine

“Our Indy Best Buy!”    The Independent

“The Very Best, the Quroc Crossover is our Recommended Buy!”    The Telegraph

However, we know not everybody looking to get in to paddle boarding is looking to spend £700 on their first paddle board package. 

We were recently asked to help a company source an affordable entry level board option, making access to a quality board more accessible at a lower price point. After much consideration, we decided we would help but insisted on certain conditions:

  1. They must use a factory of our choice. This ensures excellent quality control. No leaks, no unsightly glue marks, no bubbles and peeling deckpads.
  2. The board must be double layered
  3. The board must be stiff. We see too many people struggling to stand up because the boards they are on are bendy. 
  4. The materials and glues must adhere to industry standards
  5. There would be no gimmicks or false sale prices
  6. A representative from Quroc would oversee the Quality Control at factory level.

Squid Inc were happy with our conditions and the result is an Allround Entry Level / Family / Beginner board which we think offers the best value option available in the UK under £500. For £350 you get a well designed board which provides a far better option to the current standard supermarket/budget boards.

At only £349, it’s a great introduction to paddle boarding. You won’t get the same performance or on water experience as you would with Quroc boards but we are not aware of any better board package under £500.