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Building the Best Inflatable Paddle Boards in the UK

What makes Quroc the Industry Leader in Inflatable Paddle Board Performance and Design

We build the lightest, stiffest, most durable and BEST Inflatable Paddle Boards available in the UK. All Quroc paddle boards are made to a tested and proven performance design template, together with an unparalleled understanding of inflatable paddle board construction and the latest advancements in materials and production techniques. Our 2020 Qi Crossover Inflatable Paddle Boards are made with Cross Woven Drop Stitch, pioneered by Quroc and resulting in a 20% weight saving and an UNRIVALED WEIGHT?STIFFNESS RATIO.

We are as fanatical about inflatable paddle board design and construction as we are about growing the sport and spreading our shared passion for stand up paddle boarding. This is why we optimise every step of the development, production, distribution and service process in order to consistently provide the best performance and price-to-board ratio in the UK.

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Design Philosophy - Designing the Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

Our Core Principle of Optimum Balance

OPTIMUM BALANCE is Quroc Surf Design Syndicate’s design philosophy, a core principle that drives our approach to iSUP design.

Optimum Balance ensures our approach to design strives for the ideal proportion of board length, width and thickness, providing the optimum balance of stability, speed and manoeuvrability. Add to this the extensive tests in the varied water conditions across Europe and the result is a market leading allround paddling experience.